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Japan: On and Off The Beaten Path

Help us promote your city, town or prefecture!  Please recommend a few places from your town, city, or prefecture.  It can be a favorite Restaurant, Izakaya, Bar, Onsen, Store, Sightseeing spot, Karaoke, or anything you want.  That is why we named it Japan: On and Off the beaten path.


Prefecture :     City:   Town:

Top 3-5 Festivals (祭り) (There are so many festivals and we want to list the most popular)




Major Cities   (都市)                               Hot Spots 『面白いところ 例:福岡: 天神、中洲)




Specialty Items (名物)                         Recommend a place and get a link back to your site


(please tell us your name or nickname. 名前それともニックネ−ムを記入して下さい)




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