Japanese Forums and Informational Sites

I remember when I first started looking for forums about Japan. One of the first sites that I came across was www.japanese-online.com. This was perhaps the best forum at the time. Nowadays, it just looks like a parking page for some info on Japan and a few links. If you look to the bottom right of the page you will  come across a link to www.japanforum.com. This forum is good and covers a lot of different topics on Japan and living in Japan. On the left side of the page you will find the site navigation. If you want to learn Japanese or looking for a language exchange, then this is a forum you want to stop by.

www.jref.com/forum is another forum that contains a lot of info on a lot of different topics. If you are looking for info on living in Japan then this forum has a lot of posts. Their “Learning Japanese” part of the forum seems to be the most active. The one thing that sets this forum apart from the above mentioned forums is that they have a “China” and “Europe” forum.

If you’re looking to move to Japan for work, then probably the best forum to stop by is forum.gaijinpot.com/index.php. This forum, covers all the basis and has a friendly layout.

When it comes to learning Japanese, I have to say that I really like post by Namiko Abe at www.thoughtco.com

As I come across more and more sites I will continue to update this post.  Another Forum on Japan that seems to be fairly active is the forum at The JapanChannel.com.  Check it out when you have time.

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